Saving Elephants...One Pant Leg At A Time.

We support Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (EJS) out of Chiangmai and Phuket, Thailand.  EJS currently houses 80+ elephants in their sanctuaries and all of the elephants there are rescues. Rescues from the logging companies, circuses, riding camps etc. Most of these elephants are from logging companies on the Thailand-Myanmar border, that abuse these beautiful and timid creatures. EJS buys them from the logging companies after they get injured.  These elephants have fractured legs or backs and malnourished from years of abuse while dragging trees for miles in very unhealthy and extremely harsh weather conditions.

EJS does not support riding elephants because believe it or not, elephant backs were never meant to support weight. EJS is one of the very few sanctuaries that does not give elephant rides. It supports itself by allowing visitors to visit any of the 10 camps that are run in Chiangmai and Phuket area, and educating them on how to treat animals while making it a fun interacting half or full day camp.

Visitors get to interact with elephants by feeding them bananas, and then giving them a mud bath, which keeps them cool from the sun as well as protect them from insects. 


And well, elephants just like any creature, doesn't want to stay muddy, so next it's on to the river where they get cleaned up and are playful and enjoying all the pampering and attention that they are getting from visitors.

We are always looking for similar sanctuaries around the world that will rescue and take care of elephants while educating people.  We need your help to support EJS. We will donate 10% of our profits to EJS and hopefully similar sanctuaries in the future.